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STORYBOARD ARTIST - I started my career as a comic book artist for Disney Co. Italia, soon after I worked in the field of video games as a concept artist, visualizer and generic illustrator for a couple of PS2 games. Being animation my real passion, I studied classical and computer animation in Dublin, Ireland, for two years, graduating from Ballyfermot College of Further Education; since then I have been working as a freelancer storyboard artist for several studios, both in Italy and abroad, on several productions for television. Every artwork posted on this blog is copyrighted by me or by the company who owns the rights. It is forbidden to download, copy, distribute and/or reproduce any of these images or text without prior permission of the copyright holders. Any further use may infringe copyright and may attract civil remedies and criminal penalties.

Saturday, July 24, 2010



ArrggghhhhJOHN said...

You are the master Mr Massi.. I wish you were doing the boards on the show I'm working on at the moment.. Having said that I probably wouldn't get much done because I wouldn't be able to stop admiring your master pieces.. Fantastico

tinylittlesandra said...

Jon-Boys right tuts, these are just amazing! and I know from experience the great pleasure of animating your boards - theses are some very lucky animators!

direct loan said...

Oh my.. this is the best blog.

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Agnese Zanetti said...

Ciao Max! Complimenti, gli storyboard sono davvero stupendi! fortuna che c'è il tuo blog da cui avere un po' di insegnamento!
a presto!!

Agnese said...

A max!!lo aggiorni o no sto blog??tanto lo sappiamo che non stai facendo na cippa :D scherzooooo!!
Non ti stressare troppo! un abbraccio!

massimiliano lucania said...

un paio di palle che non sto facendo una cippa!!!!!!:P

Agnese said...

lo so, l'ho detto apposta :)