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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Disney's Doc McStuffins season 3 
 episode "Factory Fabulous"

Some panels from an episode I boarded for season 3; this episode was particularly challenging having 10 lemurs-toys running and jumping all over the place ( plus the usual characters, Doc and the rest of the gang).
It was kinda hard to create a sort of choreography between the characters themselves while they were acting, singing and jumping, keeping track of which lemur was doing what, the 3D camera movements ( sometimes from their own point of view, so lot of change of perspective during the shots, which means looooots of panels) and being able to deliver the board for this 11 minute episode ( rough+cleans +revisions) meeting the deadline, but in the end I managed to make it.

This is the  animatic , it's not the final version but it is pretty similar to what was done in the end as a few panels and shots were added later.

DMS_EP315B_FactoryFabulous_animatic_Massimiliano Lucania from massimiliano lucania on Vimeo.

Here's some panels


Pierre Vanderweerd said...

Man, your boards are great! Very solid drawings. Inspiring work!

massimiliano lucania said...

Thank you very much!!